Ruby’s Cafe – SoHo


My wonderful OG Chinese School friends came to visit me this weekend, and as a person who likes to Instagram “trendy” places to pretend like I am much cooler than I actually am, I felt like I had a reputation to uphold. Originally, we were going to dine in Queens, but last minute, we decided on SoHo. Thus, the search began on the trusty ole Yelp. I made a list, and Ruby’s Café’s menu seemed like the most promising, with entrées that ranged from breakfast to burgers to salads, sweet and savory.


The pictures on Yelp made it look kind of cute, but I was a little concerned. Luckily, when we walked up, I was pleased to see that the café was indeed very chic, with the minimalist color palette and garage-turned-cafe vibe. I was a little worried about the Australian cafe vibe since Two Hands had also been an Australian cafe, but this surpassed my expectations. I ordered the Egg Sandwich, which was pretty basic with a twist of adding a hash brown patty and relish and it was really good.


Apologies for the Snapchat quality picture above but I definitely recommend this place! The pricing was decent, as in still expensive but around the $10-$12 range for a filling meal, and is really close to a lot of stores in SoHo if you are looking for a bite, they got you.


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