The Wild Son – Chelsea


This past Monday, I headed to the Wild Son after seeing adorable Instagram pictures, and reading the menu to find some cool vegetarian options. Usually they are not open on Monday’s, but for MLK Day, capitalism takes a toll. Luckily, I arrived around 1pm, and there was not a wait, although I did end up sitting at the table right by the door (and was blocked by a tree which was inconvenient for my friend trying to find me, oh well). Warning if you are walking here, it does not look like the conventional location because it is super industrial and there are lots of cars on this road, but I promise it is there if you just keep walking.


I ordered the New Morning which had soft scrambled eggs, roasted cauliflower & shishito peppers, pickled onions, cilantro & jalapeno yogurt (copied and pasted from the menu, I am not that technical about my peppers). It was definitely a messy sandwich, and it was not that large of a sandwich for $10. However, it was a wonderful mix of different flavors and enough to keep me filled up for a bit. My friend ordered the Pulled Chicken sandwich as well as a green juice, which they have many options for. They have a lot of really neat combinations so I definitely recommend looking into it (even if not so greatly priced).


Overall, the aesthetic was really cute, and as any cute cafe, a little tight with space. I am not sure if I would go back just because trekking to Chelsea is always a lot of work but my friend and I headed to the Whitney after so it was a nice 2-for-1 that day. Something about this restaurant just seems very fresh, so if you are looking for a cute place to go, I’d recommend, even if it was not particularly memorable.


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