Rabbithole Restaurant – Williamsburg


To my lovely readers, I have actually recently transferred schools to LA, so there has been more of an MIA than usual because I have no car & I’m more broke than usual. It has been a good time back in the city, and naturally, I had to go to brunch. My usual list has been deleted for some reason, so instead, I Yelp’d (let’s make that a verb?) best brunches spots and the Rabbithole came up. I saw very few pictures of it, but it looked relatively cute and within my budget (aka under $15, preferably closer to the $10 mark).


My friend got the Eggs Benedict, which shockingly allows you to substitute bacon with avocado with no extra cost (this is not the case in any other brunch spot we’ve been in), and I got the Rabbithole Florentine, which had poached eggs on top of a baguette with argula, onions and cheese on top. The website menu says it’s $11, but I am pretty sure it was closer to $13 when I went, which is still not that bad considering it was served with potatoes and a salad. Not going to lie, I think this may be the only brunch spot that I have reviewed that I have thought was not severely overpriced (just a little but so is everything in the city).

The staff was friendly and the service was quick. We managed to slide in at 11am on a Tuesday, which meant that it was quite empty.  We had a view right near the window onlooking this patio, that I’m sure is adorable in the spring. Overall, I actually would consider coming back here because the cozy ambiance was very welcoming, and the food was actually surprisingly good (even though I might have burned my upper lip by biting into the poached egg but that is beside the point). I hope you are all doing swell & until next time!




Butcher’s Daughter – West Village


Ugh, ew. The quality of these photos are awful, and I apologize that you get the iPhone 5s (5 shitty cam, am I right?) through Snapchat – an even lower quality of image. Unfortunately, 8 GB for a phone that has lasted me 2+ years is not quite enough room for really anything, so Snapchat saves it is. ALSO WHY IS THE FIRST PHOTO SO BLURRY. I am so sorry. However, enough of the apologies and onto Butcher’s Daughter! I have heard of this place for forever, and seen pictures all over Instagram place. I had pretty high hopes for the aesthetics, but the Yelp reviews – my holy grail apparently – did not rate it above 4 stars. At this point, I think I have expected to be disappointed with under 4 star places, and this was another one.bd3

As avid brunchers, my friend and I had already checked out the brunch menu before hand extremely excited about our choices. This was, unfortunately, a Friday at 11:30pm, and thus, not a socially accepted brunch time (although honestly, when is it not brunch time?!). This restaurant has all vegetarian options and are very accommodating if you are looking for a vegan place. As a fake vegetarian (aka I eat some chicken, and will usually opt for a vegetarian dish), all the options looked pretty good. I tried the Butcher’s Grilled Cheese (vegan cheddar cheese, avocado, tomatoes, adzuki bacon aka fake bacon, and basil on sourdough), while my friend tried the Chicken Milanese (vegetarian chicken, some veggies, avocado, arugula). Both priced at $15 for quite small portions if we are going to be totally honest. My friend was not a huge fan of the vegetarian chicken because it apparently looked like a potato, but didn’t taste like a potato nor did it quite reach the chicken level. My fake bacon was alright, although I have been partially scarred by fake bacon from the Morning Farms’ fake bacon. Overall, the sandwich was pretty good but not anything spectacular.bd

I must admit that this was by far the cutest place that I have been thus far. I was completely in love with it, and it was probably the nicest day out so far (at 60 degrees, wtf NYC WTF GLOBAL WARMING). They opened up half the restaurant and there was a nice breeze going through the very open layout. If you are looking to go during downtime, there are not a lot of people on Friday mornings, but there is also not a brunch menu then so it is a sad time. I see why the Yelp reviews were not great though, the sandwiches were not worth $15 at all, and I was not very full. Definitely walk by and take some pictures, or maybe even grab a drink or something, but the lunch was not exactly a deal and a half. Or a deal really. I’m hopeful that perhaps the brunch is better because those options looked really good, but not worth the hype.