Citizens of Chelsea


Oh my god. What. Candace is back. Thanks for being MIA for the past year basically. Ahem. Apologies! This semester is finally over, and it has been a long semester at that. However, with summer around the corner, this means more time to brunch (although maybe not because I am working an unpaid internship this summer so the money must be saved, but we can try). The week after finals were over, my friend and I headed to Citizens of Chelsea in Chelsea (no shit, Candace). The interior was super sleek and the ratings and prices of Yelp drew me here. 1

I ordered the Smashing Avocado, as seen on the left in this photo, and my friend ordered the Brekky Sandwich. I need to stop ordering avocado dishes because I know that I am allergic to it, but I also feel like most breakfast options opt for avocado in some form or another. The dish was extremely aesthetically pleasing and the beet blend on the side was a nice touch. However, it seemed to be lacking something (probably the eggs for me) to make it a completely filling dish. I enjoyed it, but I do not think that I would spend another $11 on something that was just okay. My friend’s dish looked quite small and seemed like a standard breakfast sandwich at $9, which wasn’t bad, but I’m not sure if it was worth it. 3

As per usual, my review is that the place is very chill and has a nice atmosphere to just sit and talk in. Also, if you sit in the corner, you may have to get up to usher someone over because you can just go in and sit, and no one really comes up to you (although when sitting in the corner, this is probably normal). It is a pretty quiet area with not too much around, so if you want to walk around after to talk more, this may not be the place for you. Compared to many of the other brunch places I’ve visited recently, it certainly runs on the cheaper end. However, in terms of it actually being worth it, I would probably try to find somewhere else with a little more variety and more filling options (for my personal taste).