Egg Shop – LES


Oh hey, guess who’s trash and hasn’t posted in like a month again? I’m sorry! Anyways, I’m basically done with finals, so this weekend, I got to catch up with my friend and get that brunch life on. Egg Shop has been on my list for a little while, so I finally decided to go! The weather this particular Sunday was really bizarre, and rainy and kinda gross, so perhaps that was why not too many people were out? The line moved quite quickly at 10:30am, and we actually did not have to wait for a table, which was fabulous.


We sat right by the door, which was not great, and the interior was a lot smaller than I had imagined. I also did not get great interior shots because although it was not busy in terms of waiting, it was packed inside. I ordered the Reformer, which had spinach, feta, egg, and tomatoes (which granted I probably could have made by myself) but let me tell you, the eggs were a perfect mix of fluffy and wonderful goodness. 10/10.


I had heard their portions were not huge and people were still hungry, as I did end up spending $12 on this sandwich. I am not sure that it is completely worth $12 because it is so simple, but the portion was not little by any means – I was quite full afterwards. The ambiance and aesthetic of Egg Shop is so cute, and was completely decked out in Christmas lights, which I loved. The eggs definitely lived up to its name, I will give it that, but since I ordered something so standard, I am not sure if that particular dish was worth it. The prices in general are a bit expensive, but for a nice catch-up date every once in a while, I think it is worth a shot!


The Doughnut Project – West Village


Fall time is here! And it has been a hot minute since I have last posted, but I have come back bearing sweets. Quite literally. I am not usually one that craves doughnuts (like, ever), but I ventured into West Village with the lovely Carolyn (go check out her adorable blog) who has apparently been craving doughnuts for a solid two months.


And this place was totally worth it, let me tell you. Each doughnut is priced at $3.50 but they have a ton of different original flavors. The one that I got above was the Lemon with Sea Salt doughnut and it was divine. It is a bit expensive compared to your dollar at Dunkin, but this doughnut is probably 1.5x the size of that doughnut and incredibly delicious. Promise.


Aside from the doughnut being delightful, the interior aesthetics were beautiful just to bask in, as they play music that make you feel like you are in an NYC indie flick and have art all over the walls with chandeliers hanging for the ceiling that give the perfect street style meets classic look. There is a large window so you can people watch along the small street or in the corner, they are playing a vintage movie. If you have a sweet tooth and have exhausted Dough, and the other recommendations, check this place out!